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Battlefield Marketing is your online learning resource destination. Whether you are looking to start, grow or scale your business, Battlefield Marketing is there to help you every step of the way.

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Understanding today’s marketing landscape has become quite complex and the amount of resources, books, articles, and videos can be quite inundating. And with more than half of the marketing resources and gurus out there teaching more theoretical or over promised success, it’s no surprise that so many find themselves confused, disappointed and even overwhelmed.

What is Battlefield Marketing?

Battlefield Marketing is a response to the over-hyped, over-promised strategy and tactics from today’s modern marketer. 

Simply put, Battlefield Marketing is your online learning resource destination. Your hub for all things marketing. Whether you are looking to start, grow or scale your business, Battlefield Marketing is there to help you every step of the way.


Our mission is to support the goals of individuals and organizations through a complete range of products and services that focus on the skills required for today’s demanding tech-driven world. Battlefield Marketing’s approach is all bout experiential learning—learning through doing— through blogs, resources, training, webcasts, webinars, and podcasts, we want to provide you with the opportunities for ongoing professional growth.

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Hi, I'm Angel Flores

Hi, I’m Angel Flores, founder of Battlefield Marketing. As an innovative and results-driven digital strategist, marketing technologist, and award-winning creative director, I have a strong passion for bringing fundamental strategy and tactics to modern marketing platforms to help businesses and digital brands grow. I have a keen interest in looking for ways to share, teach, and promote highly effective and practical marketing strategies and tactics through marketing mentorship, one-on-one consultations, workshops, and various public speaking engagements.

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Business Owners & Executives

If you have an established or well funded company and need help with building or optimizing your marketing strategy to drive sales pipeline I can work with you as your growth expert or part-time CMO, the perfect resource for resource-strapped companies.


I work with client and agency-side marketers who are looking to improve their inbound marketing, SEO and lead generation. I can consult and coach your team or one-on-one and can execute marketing campaigns for you.


I've Worked With

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What People Are Saying

“Angel Flores [Founder of Battlefield Marketing] is highly respected among elite digital marketing circles for his knowledge on the relationship between a website, Google and the user experience. Nobody is even close to the techniques that he has developed for pushing ROI on enterprise-level domains. He is highly respected and well connected.”

Corey Rose
Co-Founder/CEO, Search Geeks

“Battlefield Marketing is a wealth of knowledge and our go-to resource to give timely strategy and tactics for helping scale our eCommerce brands. If you are a seven or eight figure business, I highly recommend as a resource if you want to improve conversions on your online store, refine customer acquisition, and bring immediate ROI to your business.”

Matt Skamser
CEO, Shyne Brands, LLC

“Angel Flores [Battlefield Marketing] is committed to providing informative, yet actionable insight into today’s most challenging marketing topics. Angel’s ability to teach the most complex marketing strategies to make it so simple and easy to do myself makes him my go-to resource and was the first person I called when tasked with an incredibly complex project that took my best work over the last 5 years. His advice was spot on.”

Brandon Becker
Senior Director of Technology and Director of Online Training, DCPI

“What I love about Angel Flores [Founder of Battlefield Marketing] is that he is a genius at what he does and has a genuine passion and infectious enthusiasm for marketing. He is my all-around go-to for all things marketing.”

Dawson Le

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