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First Time Here?
About Battlefield Marketing - First Time Here

Are you looking for proven strategies and tactics to accelerate your business?

Or simply looking for the right advice to help get you started?

Great! Then you’ve come to the right place.

Battlefield Marketing is your online learning resource destination. Your hub for all things marketing. Whether you’re looking to start, grow or scale your business, Battlefield Marketing is there to help you every step of the way.

Whether you’re an experienced marketer or business owner or you are looking to get started, Battlefield Marketing is right for you.

Cornerstone of Battlefield Marketing

Battlefield Marketing it built upon the 5 core competencies of digital marketing:

  1. Targeting (refining and segmenting data)
  2. Engagement (delivering value-based content through the right channels)
  3. Analytics (measuring marketing effectiveness)
  4. Conversion (tracking prospect to customer)
  5. Marketing technology (CRM systems, marketing automation)

These competencies are the basis for the structured categories (i.e. main topics) outlined within Battlefield Marketing.

Marketing Analytics – Marketing analytics and reporting are critical to the success of today’s businesses. Learn how to gain valuable insight through intelligent data collection and marketing analysis using Google’s top measurement tools and more.

Marketing Strategy – Learn tactical, highly engaged marketing strategies from a practitioner. Skip the learning curve and theoretical jargon. Do what has proven to work time and time again, no matter the industry you are in.

Search Engine Optimization – Search engine optimization shouldn’t be all about ranking, but rather the true focus should be on building better traffic. Learn practical SEO strategies and techniques to enhance discoverability, structure and performance of your website.

Content Marketing – If you are looking to attract, engage and build an audience, then you need to learn how to develop an effective content marketing strategy. Leverage key content marketing strategies and tactics to increase web traffic and leave lasting impressions.

Marketing Automation – Marketing automation improves engagement & increases efficiency so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

There is no shortcut to success, but with the right tools, resources and know-how you can shortcut your learning curve and put optimal tactics and strategies into action right away.

The Mission

Our mission is to support the goals of individuals and organizations through a complete range of products and services that focus on the skills required for today’s demanding tech-driven world. Battlefield Marketing’s approach is all bout experiential learning—learning through doing— through blogs, resources, training, webcasts, webinars, and podcasts, we want to provide you with the opportunities for ongoing professional growth.

Understanding the Battlefield

Business is a battlefield, and you’re in the fight of your life. The only question is, are you prepared?

Battlefield Marketing wasn’t built around warfare or ancient battle tactics. It doesn’t take on a militant point of view for training and discipline, but rather understands the marketing landscape and the ongoing fight to survive and thrive in business.

Battlefield Marketing is about the individual. The warrior.

For some warriors, it may be as simple as improving their career prospects, for example by achieving organizational goals or moving up in the corporate ladder. Such warriors work in a highly competitive or strenuous professional environment and need to be the best version of themselves to outperform their peers.

For others, it’s about breaking the shackles of the 9 to 5 and freeing their soul by becoming their own boss. These warriors strive to make use of available opportunities in the external environment along with working on their weaknesses and improving strengths at the highest level. A warrior in this category may be looking to survive in a new business or to multiply the growth by doing what average peers won’t be willing to do.

The battlefield for warriors referred here may be intrinsic or extrinsic or a combination of both in most cases. It lies in that buffer zone which ultimately becomes the comfort zone and stops them from achieving their most desired goals. With the right mindset and self-belief, a true warrior will always overcome all challenges, pitfalls, and obstacles that exist in the battlefield in order to attain what he/she truly holds dear.

Who is a Warrior?

Entrepreneurs, small-business owners, marketers, salespeople, and anybody else looking to grow, scale and optimize their skills.

What Makes an Ordinary Person a Warrior?

Passion (heart):

Passion is what drives nearly every great thing. Being a warrior means fighting battles most people are not willing to fight. It also means facing challenges most people cannot even think about. It is a passion that will keep a warrior moving towards goals and aspirations in events when ordinary people would simply give up. Passion towards a cause, let it be closing a sale, generating leads or propagating a business idea, ensures a sense of purpose and love. Passion stimulates persistence and nothing in this world beats persistence, not even talent, luck or circumstances.

Optimism (mind):

Optimism is a product of the right mind. One needs to be willing to see the world from a different perspective, the one that differs from how ordinary people view the world, and it is optimism that inspires the right perspective-of hope, opportunity and prosperity. An optimist warrior will see pitfalls, setbacks, and hurdles as opportunities to solve a problem. Only an optimistic mind possesses the capability to move the human race forward. This trait of a warrior makes him a strong believer in his idea and mission. 

Decision-maker (gut):

Things may come to those who wait and watch but only after initiators have taken their due share and left the inferior part for the watchers. No great warrior has ever lived without having the power to believe in the gut. It is easy to take a middle road or to hold oneself back, but a genuine warrior will have the built-in feature of making decisions and standing by them. All decisions may not be right but they do provide opportunities to learn and improve the ‘game’.

Resourceful (hands):

Each project can be a hit with enough resources and each war can be won with enough men and arsenal. But a good warrior will always make do with whatever little is available and make great things with limited resources. Being resourceful is all about managing time, finances, knowledge and infrastructure and optimizing to yield maximum output.

Motivation (feet):

Warriors don’t need others to make them feel good and take action. Procrastination maybe okay every once in a while, but warriors don’t spend their time merely thinking about the processes and actions. Instead, they have this intrinsic motivation to take action. They live, breathe and eat their goals. A warrior will be willing to do whatever it takes and go wherever it demands in order to achieve what they desire and aspire.


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