Guide to Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics: Unlock Google’s Hidden Data

Guide to Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics: Unlock Google’s Hidden Data

Guide to Virtual Pageviews in Google Analytics
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Although many of us will have Google Analytics set up on our website and have taken time to learn the basics, there are countless tips and tricks that make the free platform even more efficient when trying to track website behavior.

Understanding analytics and adopting a data-driven mindset is critical in today’s businesses.

A key challenge for many developers comes when tracking user journeys.

For example, how do you know when a user clicks on a phone number or downloads a PDF if they are all on the same page? These are important metrics to manage.

In this blog, we will show you how to better track user journeys using a technique known as “virtual pageviews.”

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Understanding Analytics And Adopting A Data Driven Mindset
Angel Flores

Angel Flores

Angel Flores is a digital strategist, marketing evangelist and serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of hands-on experience in SEO, PPC, marketing analytics, brand and campaign strategy, lead generation, and CRO. Having built his first website at age 12, Angel has gone on to build and manage over 100 different websites for various startups, agencies, e-commerce, SaaS, healthcare and international brands. He has had the honor to work with such brands like Microsoft, Workfront, Kodak, Edison Energy, Chuao Chocolatier and many more.

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